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                                                                      About Me

My name is David A. Fisher.  My career'was' in electronic circuit design, embedded micro-controller design and programming, computers and industrial control systems and automation.  Some of my electronic work is on Mars.

At one time I was the Hammond Organ field service technician  for the Harrisburg area and I was an industrial control system startup engineer.  

I was a leather crafter for a few years, a drummer and a computer programmer.  I am a jewelry maker, a woodworker, a photographer, a machinist, a graphic designer/computer artist, computer geek and I dabble in computer music and keyboards. 

I started making highly colorful, fun & unusual jewelry from polymer clay and other materials in October of 2004.  The last few years, I expanded my craft to making jewelry out of metals and gem stones with no Polymer Clay. 

My studio and shop is in the basement of our home, a 145+ year old dairy farm house (used to be Colson Dairy, East End Dairy and then Brookwood Dairy) in urban Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where I live with Betsy, my wife and partner of 36 years.  We live with 4 cats, Ouzo, Paizley, Zema and  Mork (from Zork), 1 box turtle, Eddie  and various other outdoor critters (possums, skunks, squirrels, hawks, etc).

National and World Wide Sales at my Etsy shop:

I am an at large member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.  Active senior member #272.

And, I'm Ten years cancer free!