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David A. Fisher, Proprietor, Harrisburg, PA USA, Est.2004

I use Polymer Clay as the basis for an entire line of jewelry products.  Because of the properties and colors of the clay, most of my jewelry is highly colorful, fun and extremely light weight.  The name of the business is derived from the first words I hear when people see my work.

Polymer Clay is a man made synthetic clay.  It is a soft, plyable and colorful material that is fired in a toaster oven to harden it.  Almost all the colors in my jewelry are from the clay itself.  Although, in some pieces, I add pigment powders, dyes, glitters, paints, foils, plastics and metals to obtain certain colorful effects or designs.  I treat most clay parts with a clear gloss water based polycrylic coating or a UV cured clear epoxy resin.  Above all, most of my pieces are unique and one of a kind.

I incorporate other materials as well.  I use a lot of copper, brass, sterling silver and bronze.  I use real gem stones, pearls, swarovski crystals, paua shell, precious metal clay, found objects and metal and glass beads.  I also make a line of jewelry without using clay.  Just metalwork and real stones and gems.  

You can buy my jewelry directly on line by visiting my shop on Etsy.com.  You can click this link:http://www.ohwowthecolors.etsy.com or click on any picture on this site.  Etsy takes all major credit cards and PayPal.  If you see something on this page you would like that is not in my Etsy shop, email me at: ohwowthecolors@aol.com, and I will put the piece(s) on Etsy.
I can also do transactions from this site using PayPal by sending you an invoice.

Pieces shown on this web site may or may not be available for sale.

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